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Summer Solstice Campout June 18th-19th, 2023

The Summer Solstice campout is part of our quarterly campout series that will coincide with the seasons, particularly the solstices and equinoxes. Each campout will be in a different location and somewhere along or close to the Stagecoach 400 route.

This year we are once again staying in Mount Laguna at the Wooded Hill Group Camp. We have the group site reserved for Sunday (18th) and Monday (19th) night.
Campground amenities include:
Potable Water
For coin showers you will have to go a couple miles down Sunrise HWY to Burnt Rancheria Campground 
The Mount Laguna Store is just a few miles from the campground with firewood and snacks (closes at 5pm I believe) and please do not park your bikes on the porch (the owner hates that).

Getting to camp and ride options.....

This is a great option if you just want to hangout for camping, join in on the day rides or simply relax in the beauty of the mountains. Check in for Wooded Hill is 2pm and that's when we are getting there. Since we have the group camp this year, parking is not a problem. We are planning to then ride out to the meadow to try and meet one of or both groups riding in. I think we will be on our HT MTBs and ride some of the more "MTBy" trails down to the meadow.

See day routes Click Here 

Riding from Pine Valley:
Chris Middleton will be leading this route!
This is a great option for those intermediate+ riders. If you've never climbed Pine Creek, know that this is NOT a beginner route. Starting at 10am in Pine Valley, at the Pine Creek Trailhead, adventure passes are required for overnight parking. The first day is about 20 miles and a 4,000ft climb to camp with various surfaces of road, fire road and single track. The return ride home (back to your car) is mostly downhill. This ride is 100% self supported, so have a backup plan/support car/exit strategy/etc... if you're questioning if you can make it or not. Make sure you know your limits and abilities. We want everyone to have fun!

Directions and information on parking in Pine Valley Click Here
See Full 2-Day Route Click Here

Riding from Adams Ave Bikes: 
Jesse Salisbury and Karlene Edwards will be leading this route!
THIS IS FOR EXPERIENCED RIDERS/BIKEPACKERS ONLY. If you have done this route before and know that your legs and bike are up for the challenge then we invite you to join in on this epic adventure. Starting from the shop at 7am.  This will be a long, hard and usually very hot ride. Day 1 ends with a grueling climb up Pine Creek (after you've been essentially climbing all day) and day 2 is usually into a headwind with some really hot temperatures (possibly triple digits) as you return to town. This ride is 100% self supported, so have a backup plan/support car/exit strategy/etc... if you're questioning if you can make it or not. Make sure you know your limits and abilities. We want everyone to have fun!

See Full 2-Day Route Click Here


Chris has been kind enough to volunteer to lead the intermediate route and Jesse and Karlene are taking over the advanced route. But if anyone wants to team up, help co-lead, or be involved please let us know. Still looking for a road bike route leader if there's any interest :)

Sample road bike route, only one way: Riding from Adams Ave Bikes (road bike edition)

Shuttling Gear:
If there are some extra creature comforts you would like to have at camp but don't want to carry on your bike, you're welcome to drop off your personal items at the shop the week prior. Please no more than a small duffle per person.

Food and Drink:
The Summer Solstice is our biggest campout and we will be bringing food for dinner and breakfast with both meat and vegetarian options (some vegan). If you have specific dietary restrictions maybe plan ahead and bring your own (we can shuttle it too). We are also asking that you bring your own camp plate/bowl and eating utensils, lets try and minimize our trash :) The event is free, however donations are always welcome to help pay for the food, the campsite and beer. Those driving to camp: it's BYOB and if you're riding and want us to carry any specific drinks or extra supplies you're welcome to drop it by the shop the week before the event. 

We know you love your pup and we've had dogs attend previous campouts. If you're planning to bring your dog you MUST follow the campground rules. We frequent these parks and campgrounds so it is important to be respectful and follow the rules so we are welcome back. Please be responsible and don't spoil it for everyone.
- Dogs must be on a leash at all times.
- Dogs must not be left unattended.

Can't wait to see you in June....

***Don't forget to sign-up at the shop or give us a call and we can add your name to the list!***

Highlights from the event...

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