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Schedule for 2024

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Monthly Sunday
Field Trip 2024

January 14th 2024
Heading south to ride the Tour de San Miguel Meeting at 10am. Gravel or Hard Tails would be a good bike choice. It's also Chuck's birthday :) 

February 18th 2024 
Calling all MTBers! We are heading to Greer Ranch to check out some new trails and ride some of our favorites, no set route but plan for 15+ miles, 1500+ elevation. This field trip is for immediate/advanced mtbers, no gravel bikes. Any questions, please reach out. Meeting at 10am. Parking on Mapleton Ave (closer to Keller Rd) in front of the Murrieta Kaiser. 

March 10th 2024 
Heading out to Carrol Canyon to ride part of the Sagebrush Safari race route. You will need an Adventure pass to park. Since it's daylight saving we're meeting at 10:30am. See the route Click Here

April 14th 2024
Joining Nice 'n' Easy and B.A.R.F since they have a fun ride planned that includes playing in some dirt. Roll at 11:30am from North Park Community Park. Polk Ave and Idaho

May 26th 2024
Meeting at 10am at Sunset Trailhead in Mount Laguna. This Field Trip there will be a Hike option as well so perfect to bring a friend or partner that doesn’t ride. The ride and hike routes are coming soon...

June: No official Field Trip this month.
Chuck and Andrea will be at Snow Summit bike park on the 9th if you want to join. (Experienced MTBrs) 
Also our Summer Campout is this month! June 23rd-24th. 

July 21st 2024
Most likely going to the mountains to beat the heat. Stay tuned... 






Campouts 2024

Spring Equinox: March 23rd-25th

Summer Solstice: June 23th-24th 

Fall Equinox: September 29th-30th

Winter Solstice: December 21st-23rd

Monday Night Smackdown

This one is easy to remember!

Every Monday Night

Meet and greet @ 6:30 Wheels down @ 6:45 PM


Every Tuesday during the Velodrome race season:

Officially starting April 2rd 2024

Meet behind the Velodrome bathrooms in the dirt parking lot 

@ 5:30pm 

Christmas Lights Ride

Every year on Christmas Eve Eve (Dec. 23rd) we will meet at the shop around 5:30pm (rolling around 6:30pm) for a festive neighborhood ride to look at Christmas lights.