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We Love Custom Bikes!

We love making your dream bike a reality... These are a few of our favorite past builds we've done :)
Feeling inspired? Check out our in-stock frames for your own custom build!

Crust Step Thru Evasion

Surly Midnight Special

Surly Karate Monkey 

Surly Ogre

Revel Rail

Propain Tyee CF

Crust Bombora

Cotic SolarisMAX

Crust Evasion

Surly Krampus 

Surly Wednesday


Crust Shred Eagle

All-City Zig Zag

Squid Cross

Eddy Merckx

Surly Cross-Check

Custom Paint by: Peter Lee @peterpaints

Dana Fenimore with
Campy Super Record

Custom Paint by: Joe Bell 

All-City Electric Queen 

GT Sensor