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Monthly Sunday Field Trips

For the Ride Schedule and Routes please click HERE

What was everyone's favorite day in school? Field trip day! We've been taking a lot of fun weekend "field trip" rides all over San Diego county and now want to share some of our favorites with you. Sunday of each month (usually the second Sunday) we are going on a field trip to various locations to ride some super awesome dirt trails at party pace. This is meant to be a fun social ride with plenty of meet up spots and everyone finishing together.  Each month we will announce the route since weather will be the biggest deciding factor.  If you want to be a good student and study the routes ahead of time click the link at the top of the page. All of the routes (depending on fitness and abilities) are doable on a gravel, hardtail or full-squish. 

The rides will not start from the shop so you must be able to provide your own transportation. Start times may vary based on location and weather but plan on being on the bike between 9:30 and 10:30am. We will announce the final rollout time each month so you don't get left behind. If you have a Strava account be sure to join the AAB club and so you can get your "permission slip" to join each ride and we know how many heads to count.  

Link to Strava HERE!

Of course this is a no drop ride but please come prepared. Things to consider: Bring enough food and water, make sure your legs are up for the distance and elevation. Have all the tools, tubes and a proper flat repair kit, and most importantly know your limits and abilities. We want everyone to have fun and finish the ride. Each route will offer different levels of challenges, sometimes technical, sometimes endurance, so we will declare which style bike we will personally be riding and what we recommend. Again, know your own limitations. 

Trail Etiquette Reminders:
Starting and stopping on the trail: We all need to take breaks, take pictures or just take in the scenery, but remember to clear the trail when stopped. Blocking the trail is dangerous for you and other riders.
Yielding to horses and hikers: Most hikers are usually polite and will step aside to let you pass, simply slow down and say a simple hello/thank you.
When approaching equestrians on a trail, assume that their horse is on the flighty side. Slowly approach and ask the rider if their horse is OK around bikes and then proceed accordingly.
Trail direction: most developed trail networks have a preferred trail direction, uphill, downhill or bi-directional. If you're climbing a DH trail be aware you may encounter riders head-on at high speeds and always be cautious riding through blind sections on the trail, and maybe give your trail bell a ding.  
Yielding to slower riders, if you catch a slower rider, simply let them know you would like to pass. Give them time and space to safely pull over. If you're the slower rider, it doesn't take much time to step aside to let the faster rider pass but only do so if there's a safe place to pull over.
Be polite, say thank you, share the trails.
Trails also take a lot of planning and hard work to build so cutting corners or going off trail can cause erosion and damage.  
Respect Nature: leave no trace, pack it out, be mindful and courteous of the wildlife, we're in their house.
E-Bikes: E-bikes are not always allowed in all National Forests and Parks so be respectful of these rules check the area you are riding ahead of time.

Field Trip Schedule here

See you next Sunday Field Trip.....

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