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Summer Solstice Campout 2021

The Summer Solstice campout is part of our quarterly campout series that will coincide with the seasons, particularly the solstices and equinoxes. Each campout will be in a different location and somewhere along or close to the Stagecoach 400 route.

See route here 

Staying at Burnt Rancheria in Mount Laguna. Site: 041, 042.Sunday night June 20th
If you're planning to drive up you may need to find parking in the campground overflow parking.
If you are wanting to ride up to camp with Martin please see GPS route above and plan on a very LONG, HOT, HARD day that is 100% self-supported. Make sure you know your limits and abilities.
He will be at the shop (2602 Adams Ave, 92116) Sunday June 20th at 7am for bike prepping and rolling out at 8:30.
Some of us are driving straight to camp with bikes, food and supplies and will be doing a much more casual gravel/ mellow MTB style lunch time ride around the meadow and we will all meet up back at camp for dinner, beers, a campfire and war stories.
We will have some extra food and beers for those riding so if you are driving up, it will be potluck style.
The next morning (Monday, June 21st) Martin will lead the rollout back into town or for those who drove (myself included) I plan to ride out with them and probably turn back somewhere on East Mesa.

Highlights from the event:

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