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-unlimited minor adjustments to properly maintained AAB bicycles. This includes brake, gear, and bearing adjustments, wheel truing, and other minor adjustments which all bicycles require on occasion. This benefit is not a replacement for proper maintenance of your new bike! This benefit is available for the lifetime of the bike, offered to the original owner and is non transferable.

-unlimited flat repairs including labor and the inner tube. This is a zero cost flat repair benefit for the lifetime of the bike. This benefit is only offered to the original owner and non transferable.

-a 10% discount on all additional accessories and upgrades at time of bicycle purchase. This is one-time benefit to help new bike owners acquire some of the necessary accessories to ride self-sufficiently and to do proper maintenance on the bike. There are no labor costs for the initial set-up of new bicycles and accessories.

-advice and labor to fit new owner to their AAB bicycle. This is usually a "basic fit," intended to get a rider comfortably set up on his/her new bike. This does not replace a full "pro fit" which offers a more in-depth approach. We will also set up new bikes with geometry supplied by the customer.


Adams Avenue Bikes will sell your used bike for a agreed commission based on a percentage of final sales price before California sales tax.

**We offer two options for payment after bike is sold**

1. First option is to take a Adams Avenue Bikes store credit. This will entitle the seller to receive 90% of the bikes agreed selling price in credit. This can be applied to any and all purchases from Adams Avenue Bikes including service.

2. Second option is for sellers wanting to receive a check from Adams Avenue Bikes. With this option Adams Avenue Bikes charges a 40% commission of agreed selling price before California sales tax. Sellers will be mailed or receive a check within 5 business days of the final sales transaction.

-Bikes that are sold on consignment must be from original owner and a receipt or official documentation must be produced to establish true ownership. We do this to protect our customers as well as Adams Avenue Bikes from possible stolen or illegitimate used bike sales. We apologize if inconvenient but this is a no exceptions policy.

-Seller may claim their consignment bike any time before final payment of the sale transaction is complete.

-Adams Avenue Bikes can not guarantee the sale of your bike or guarantee a timeframe to sell your bike. There is no cost to the seller if bikes does not sell. Owners may claim their consignment bike any time before final payment on the sales transaction is complete.

-Adams Avenue Bikes reserves the right to refuse this service for any reason. We will evaluate each consignment opportunity to see if a business relationship would benefit both parties.

-Purchasers of consignment bikes will receive a free evaluation of the bikes current mechanical condition. Consignment bike purchasers also receive the one time 10% accessories discount and all labor to setup or modify bikes initially is covered at no charge. Basic fittings for consignment bikes are included but limited.

-Consignment bikes are sold as is and all sales are final. No warranties from the manufacturer or Adams Avenue Bikes are in effect with consignment bikes. Consignment bikes do not qualify for the lifetime free adjustments or lifetime flat repairs.


Adams Ave Bikes will send you a complimentary return label via email should you wish to make a return for orders shipped within the United States.

Please email for an RMA#. Indicate which item you wish to return. Also indicate whether you wish for us to create an exchange order for a different item or different size. 

Products for return must be in original product packaging in new unused condition. Please do not use product packaging boxes as shipping cartons for return shipping. 

After receiving your RMA # and label, please return the package and we will credit you for the return or will apply the credit to your exchange order.

We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.

Please return the package to: 

Adams Ave Bikes

2602 Adams Avenue 

San Diego, CA

Attn: Returns